Ezekiel 10-16 Questions and Answers

Ezekiel 10-16 Questions and AnswersQuestions & Answers on Ezekiel10-16

Ezekiel 10-16 continues with the visions of God given to Ezekiel and prophecies concerning Jerusalem.

What firmament are they talking about in Ezekiel 10:1? This is just the expanse of sky where these living creatures appeared.

Cherubims are good. Not necessarily, Lucifer was a cherub. The good angels are good, not the fallen ones. These in Ezekiel are good angels.

What is a beryl stone in Ezekiel 10:9? The beryl is a mineral and most Bible scholars believe that it was a sea green color.

Cherubims have 4 faces. Yes, and they have four wings also.

What is Chebar? This is a river in Mesopotamia where Ezekiel was with the Jewish captives where he had the vision in chapter 1 of Ezekiel.

Is a caldron a pot in Ezekiel 11:3? Yes. What Ezekiel is saying is that the people will remain in the city until it is destroyed just as flesh remains in the pot until it is cooked.

In Ezekiel 11:19 what new spirit is he talking about? This is a reference to the Spirit of God.

In Ezekiel 12 They are still not listening to God. You are right, God calls them the “rebellious house”.

In Ezekiel 13:1-4 the prophets are not doing the thing God wanted them to do. These are foolish prophets that prophesy out of their own hearts.

What wall was God going to take down in Ezekiel 13? God is using the illustration of a wall as the words of the true prophets. Truth protects like a wall. The false prophets were trying to build a wall of truth but it was all false and God was going to destroy their false prophecies.

God is so against vanity. Yes, He is. He gives substance, not emptiness.

In the beginning of Ezekiel 14 God was telling the people of Israel that they had put idols in their hearts and put the stumbling block of their iniquity before their face. Yes, because they were so given to idolatry.

The prophet deceived God. Actually God deceived the false prophets in verses 7-9 in Chapter 14. The false prophets who worshipping idols and were going to tell the people false things, God was going to deceive them like they deceived the people.

What kind of beasts did God put there in Ezekiel 14:15? He called then “noisome” beasts. Noisome means horribly stinky. Perhaps they were skunks?

What three men are they talking about in Ezekiel 14:18? Noah, Daniel and Job, these were three of the most holy and righteous men and even if they would pray to God, He would not hear their prayers.

In Ezekiel 15 God was so mad at them so He set fire to things. No, this is a reference to life threatening dangers. If the people will escape famine, then they will face the sword. If they are not killed then they will be taken captive. There is no escaping punishment.

In Ezekiel 16:4 what do they mean that thy navel was not cut neither was thou washed in water to supple thee, thou was not salted at all nor swaddled at all? The basic care of a new born baby such as cutting the umbilical cord, washing them, wrapping them etc, was not taken with this particular baby. This is story is an illustration; it is not referring to an actual baby.

Did they put a baby in the field to bleed to death? The illustration was of a baby that was born but abandoned. This was not a real baby just an illustration.

What are they talking about when they say “bracelets upon thy hands and a chain on thy neck” in Ezekiel 16:11? The figuratively girl baby grew up to be a young woman. Just as women like to wear jewelry, the rescuer of this girl, here it is God Himself, clothed her and adorned her with jewelry.

In the middle of Ezekiel 16 they are very bad people. Jerusalem which represents the Jewish people, who was the girl in this story, was very bad. She left God, Who gave her everything and worshipped idol, this is explained as her playing the harlot, going after other lovers. Then she sacrificed her children to the false gods. Both literally and also teaching the living children to worship false idols also.

God does not like pride. No, He does not. After all we as His created beings have nothing to be prideful about. All we have and all that we are is because of His grace to us. He should get all of the glory.

Finished with Ezekiel 10-16? Continue with Ezekiel 17-26.

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