Ezekiel 1-9 Questions and Answers

Questions and answers on Ezekiel 1-9.

Ezekiel Bread as described in Ezekiel 4:9.

Questions and Answers on Ezekiel Chapters 1-9

Ezekiel 1-9 starts the study on the book of the major prophet Ezekiel. This book contains visions given by God to the prophet Ezekiel about the future Temple among other prophecies. Ezekiel 1-9 contains visions of cherubim and a recipe for bread.

Did they see GOD in Ezekiel 1:1? I don’t think that they were able to actually see God, but they saw visions of Him.

What creature came out in Ezekiel 1:8? This was a cherub – an angel. This type of angel has four faces and four wings, see Ezekiel 10: 14

Was it 16 faces in Ezekiel 1:10? Yes, there were four cherubs, an754d each one had four faces.

I362n Ezekiel 1:22 “the likeness of the firmament”, is it the same firmament that is that was in Genesis 1:6? In this passage, the firmament is simply the expanse of space where the cherubims appeared. In Genesis the word “firmament” refers the entire solar system including our atmosphere.

Was there fire in someone’s loins in Ezekiel 1:27? No, this just looked like fire since it was the color of amber. Ezekiel describes it as the appearance of fire.

In Ezekiel 2 are they talking about Jesus’ coming? No, “Son of man” is a title for Ezekiel. This phrase is applied only to Ezekiel and Daniel (Daniel 8:17) both of whom prophesied in Chaldea, where it was a common mode of address, equivalent to “O man!”.

What is Telabib in Ezekiel 9:1-11? This was a place by the Euphrates River where the Jews were prisoners.

Who were they talking about when they say “son of man”? This is a title for the prophet Ezekiel.

For the last 390 days that was how long God overlook bad things that Israel did until God had enough and He did something in Ezekiel 4:5.

Each day represented one year. Three hundred ninety years earlier, under King Jeroboam, idolatry started in Israel. Idolatry started in Judah forty years earlier during King Josiah’s reign.

Judah was 40 days. Yes, each day represented a year.

What is the weight of 20 shekels? One shekel is approximately 2/5 of an ounce or 5 grams, so 20 shekels is about 230 grams or about 8 ounces.

In Ezekiel 4:12 who was eating barley cakes that were baked with the dung that cometh out of man? The prophet Ezekiel

What is abominable flesh that God did not eat in Ezekiel 4:14? This is a reference to any meat that was declared unclean by the law of Moses.

They are still going against God.

What is it special about 1/3? What is the meaning of this in Ezekiel 5:2? I don’t think there is a special meaning of 1/3. It was just that there were going to be three different types of punishments and approximately 1/3 of the people would suffer one of the three.

God was going to send their body parts all over. No, the cutting of the hair was an illustration by the prophet to the people. The hairs symbolized persons.

In Chapter 7, 1-12 God did not bring forth His wrath yet? No, he is waiting until the last minute. He wants the people to repent.

In Chapter 7 God will put more of His wrath in the cities?

For those in the cities, they will be devoured by famine and pestilence.

Are they using the same calendar that we use today? No, the Jewish calendar has only 360 days and the calendars have changed over time.

What or what is Tammuz in Ezekiel 8:14? This was a false god. Tammuz was a fertility god.

In Ezekiel 8:16 the men that were in the temple they were worshipped the sun toward the east. Yes, there were priests of God in God’s house worshiping idols!

In Ezekiel 9 They were told to slay utterly old and young both male and little children and women that did not have the mark and begin at my sanctuary. Why?

Those that had the mark of God were those that mourned over sin and they were to be spared. They were to start at the sanctuary of God because there should have been the righteous ones with the mark. However in God’s house were people using His house to worship false gods.

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