Exodus 1-12 Bible Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers on Exodus 1-12Exodus 1-12 – The 10 Plagues of Egypt and the Passover

Here are Verna’s questions on Exodus 1-12, my answers and some Bible study of the 10 plagues of Egypt.

The new king of Egypt did not like the Jews in Exodus Chapter 1. Yes, you are right. He did not know Joseph personally and the Jews were invaders of his land.

Exodus chapter 2 was about Moses’ birth and as he grew to be an Egyptian and his leaving that life behind and how he met his wife. Yes, this is a good summary of Exodus 2.

In Exodus 3:5 is it any place that appears is holy ground? This ground was holy because God said it was. He was there and His presence made the ground holy.

How did Aaron know to go to Moses in Exodus 4:27? The LORD led him to go to see his brother.

In Exodus 5 the first time Moses went to see Pharaoh it did not work. Yes. God hardened Pharaoh’s heart and Moses refused to compromise what he wanted for the Israelites.

Where is Canaan now? Basically this is the current land of Israel but also includes all of modern day Jordan, the West Bank and Gaza, the southern areas of Syria and Lebanon.

What did Moses mean in Exodus 6:30 “I am uncircumcised lips”? I believe what Moses meant was that he had a speech defect. He could not speak clearly.

In Exodus 7:16 what does “hitherto” mean? This means–until now, or until the point of discussion.

The 10 Plagues of Egypt

The ten plagues of Egypt are described in the last part of Exodus 1-12.

Water to Blood – Exodus 7:20 The fresh water that was used for cooking, bathing and drinking was now red. Not only was is colored like blood, it was actual blood. Even the water the people had collected earlier and was in their containers had turned to blood. There was some relief and some fresh water found by digging near the river and finding some drinkable (but muddy) water. This went on for seven long days.

Frogs – Exodus 8:6 – After the fresh water was restored, life did not come back to normal. Now there was hordes of frogs everywhere. Frogs in the beds, frogs in the food, stepping on frogs, live frogs on dead frogs everyone was constantly surrounded by frogs. After about a day, God allowed the frogs to die. But dead frogs were collected into piles of dead and decaying frog bodies, and they smelled very bad!

Lice – Exodus 8:17 – Next came the lice! Itching, stinking, biting lice all over the bodies of both the humans and the livestock. Everyone was covered with these tiny pests.

Flies – Exodus 8:24 – After God removed the lice, He sent swarms of flies. Flies where everywhere, in the food, in the eyes, and in clothing. This was the first plague where God said that He would sever His people and protect them from plagues. The flies were only in the land and the houses of the Egyptians, not in the homes of the children of Israel.

Murrain of the Livestock– Exodus 9:3 Murrain is a reference to some sort of a very contagious and fatal disease resulting is the livestock of Egypt dying. This plague killed all of the grazing animals including the horses, asses, camels, oxen and sheep. But the livestock of the children of Israel were spared.

Boils – Exodus 9:10 – The next plague was that of painful boils. The Egyptians suffered several sore and painful boils on their bodies. The beasts that did not die of the murrain, also developed these painful sores also.

Thunder, Hail and Fire– Exodus 9:23 – While this was a plague of hail, the hailstones were accompanied by severe thunder and fire. The hail destroyed all of the soon-to-be harvested crops.

Locusts – Exodus 10:12 – The green crops, the grass and all of the plant life that survived the hailstorm suddenly became food for swarms of locusts (grasshoppers) who devoured all the vegetation leaving nothing left.

Darkness -Exodus 10:22 – After the locusts left, then God send darkness over all of the land of Egypt. This was three days of darkness so thick that it was like it could be felt. The heavy oppressive and disorienting darkness was so thick that the Egyptians could do nothing but lay in their beds hoping that it would soon go away. But the children of Israel who lived in the land of Goshen had light in their dwellings. Jesus Himself said that He was the light of this world in John 8:12.

Death of the Firstborn – Exodus 12:29 – Finally, the last plague was the death of the first born. God provided a way so that the first born would be spared. But those who did not believe and take the necessary precautions, the death angel came to each house and took the life of their first born. The children of Israel who followed God’s instructions and put blood of the lamb on their door posts and on the lintel (the horizontal support access the door) the death angel passed over them.

The Passover Instituted

The plague of the death of the firstborn was when the Passover was instituted by God. God gave explicit instructions in Exodus Chapter 12 on how to keep the people safe. They were to take a male lamb and to kill it and save the blood. Then they were to take the blood and apply the blood to the top and sides of their doorway. They were to take the meat of the lamb and roast it with fire, and eat it with bitter herbs and unleavened bread. When the death angel would see the blood on the door, he would pass over that house. Thus the Passover was instituted.

The Passover was a foreshadow of Jesus  as the perfect lamb of God being sacrificed for the sins of the world. Just as the people had to take the responsibility to apply the blood to the door, so too, do we today need to the responsibility to apply Jesus’ blood to our hearts so that God’s judgement may pass over us too.

More of Verna’s Questions on Exodus 1-12

The frogs, lice and swarms of flies did not let Pharaoh let the Jews go? No they did not. This was ordained by God. Each of the ten plagues was a representation of one of the gods of Egypt. God was showing that He was bringing judgment not only on the Egyptians but also on the so called gods that they worshiped, each was represented by an animal deity.

In Exodus 9:3 what does “murrain” mean? This is an infectious disease that affects cattle and other herd animals.

Did the LORD hardened Pharaoh’s heart and why? God raised up Pharaoh, and hardened his heart so that He could show His power to all of the earth by the plagues that He would bring. These plagues were a direct judgment against ten of the particular Egyptian gods that the Egyptians worshiped. While the Bible says that the LORD hardened Pharaoh’s heart, Pharaoh chose to have his heart hardened. The LORD is similar to the sun. The sun gives heat. If you put a stick of butter and a lump of clay in this sun, the sun will melt the butter and harden the clay.

Pharaoh’s heart was like the clay. In the light (or in our example, the heat) of the LORD, Pharaoh’s heart was hardened. He chose to have this type of heart. So when his heart was exposed to the workings of the LORD, his heart became hard.

In Exodus 12:48 no one that was not circumcised could eat with them. Yes, you are right. This was the Passover, a special time and a special meal to remember God’s deliverance of His people from Egypt. Those who were not circumcised were not included in this special meal; they were not God’s people. A similar practice today is that no one who is not saved should take communion.

Takeaway Lesson from Exodus 1-12

Moses would not settle for any compromises. He wanted to take the children of Israel out of Egypt so that they could worship their God in the way God wanted for them. Pharaoh did not want to lose the slave labor that the children of Israel provided. Therefore he wanted Moses to compromise. Pharaoh offered Moses several compromises but Moses refused all of them. This is a lesson for us in our Christian life. We must not compromise what we know God wants us to do, how He wants us to serve Him and what He expects from us. We too need to serve God faithfully and according to His terms.

Finished with Exodus 1-12? Continue reading in Exodus 13-19. And if you have any questions or comments, please let me know below.

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