Daniel 8-12 Questions and Answers

Questions and answers on Daniel 8-12Daniel Chapters 8-12

Daniel chapters 8-12 ends the book of Daniel but contains some very interesting prophecies and also records the account of Daniel in the lions’ den.

What was the vision in Daniel 8? Basically, the rise of to world empires that will come after the Babylonia Empire (Nebuchadnezzer). It speaks of the fight between the ram, Persia, which will overthrow the Babylonians in 539 B.C., and then the “rough he goat,” the Grecian, or Macedonia Empire, under Alexander the Great, who will conquer the Persian Empire in 331 B.C. As the Scriptures go on, it mentions that the great horn (Alexander) will be broken and four nations will rise up in his place. It then moves forward about 150 years to Antiochus Epiphanes (one of the “kings of the north”), who did evil in Jerusalem around 167 B.C. This vision of Antiochus is also one of the coming antichrist.

Where were the Chaldeans? The Chaldeans were people who lived in the southern part of the Babylon region; this would be the southern part of today’s Iraq.

What does “desolation” mean in Daniel 9:2? Desolation -a state of complete emptiness or destruction.

What does “supplications” mean in Daniel 9:3? Supplications – the action of asking or begging for something earnestly or humbly

In Daniel 9 are the people starting to realize that they should turn back to God? Not exactly, Daniel was confessing the sins of his people for his people. Daniel was interceding for his people before God.

What does Daniel mean “I was mourning three full weeks” in Daniel 10:2? He was sad because of the sinful state of his people, he was grieving their sin and he was fasting.

Why did he “eat no pleasant bread neither came flesh nor wine in my mouth”? Daniel was fasting. He probably did drink water but did not eat or drink any juice or wine.

What were they talking about in Daniel 10:6? I think this vision was of God.

What does “comeliness” mean Daniel 10:8? The attribute of being comely, which means attractive, or beautiful.

What does he mean in Daniel 10:15 and when “he spoke such words unto me, I set my face toward the ground and I became dumb”. Daniel was so astonished that he fell on his face and could not speak.

Who is the fourth king in Daniel 11:2? This is the Persian emperor, Xerxes, also known as King Ahasuerus in Esther.

What does “choler” mean in Daniel 11:11? Choler – great anger.

In Daniel 11 the king of the North and the king of the South fight each other. In brief, these two kings are Ptolemy I (king of the south) and Seleucus I (the king of the north). These two men were generals of Alexander the Great who each took part of his empire (four horns) and formed their own kingdoms, which lasted from 323 to 31 B.C.

Who was fighting who in Daniel 11:24-29? This a war between Antiochus Epiphanes (a king of the north), and his war against the Ptolemy Kingdom under Ptolemy VI (a king of the south), which occurred between 170 and 168 B.C. It also speaks about his attack on Judea and Jerusalem. Some commentators believe this has to do with the Roman Empire. However, I am of the opinion that since the Roman Empire did not come out of Alexander’s empire, this is not the case.

Does “holpen” mean “helped” in Daniel 11:34? Yes, it does.

In the last part of Daniel 11:40-45 what are they talking about? There is a strong possibility that this is an end-times prophecy of the antichrist and his wars. A historical application may be applied to Antiochus Epiphanes, a king of the north who terrorized the land of Israel.

The book they are talking about in Daniel 12:1 is the book of life? Yes, I think it is.

Are they talking about saved people in Daniel 12:2? This is referring to the resurrection of both saved and lost people.

Why do they want Daniel to seal the book in Daniel 12:4? The prophecy was not to be revealed until closer to the time when it would be fulfilled.

Was it God standing on the water in Daniel 12:6&7? I don’t think so; I think this man is an angel appearing as a human.

Does Daniel ever get set free? No, he died in Babylon.

Finished with Daniel 8-12? Continue your Bible study and start the minor prophets with the book of Hosea.

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