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Bible study is an important part of being a Christian. Here you will find various articles that are no fluff, in depth discussion of various Bible topics.

Two dinosaurs in a prehistoric landscape. Dinosaurs in the Bible.

Dinosaurs In the Bible

Yes, there are dinosaurs in the Bible! However, the Bible does not refer to them with the word “dinosaur.” The word “dinosaur” means “terrible lizard,” and the fossil record reveals many different species of these ginormous reptiles. Broadly speaking, the word “dinosaur” can be loosely applied to any now-extinct animal. Some of these reptiles, which

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fire breathing dragons in the Bible

Monsters and Fire Breathing Dragons in the Bible

Are there fire breathing dragons in the Bible? Folklore from ancient cultures includes magnificent creatures such as fire-breathing dragons, and these mythological creatures have crept into imaginary stories of all types, written for enjoyment, and a brief escape from our everyday lives. But the question remains to the curious mind, was this type of creature

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