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Job 29-42 Questions and Answers

Dinosaurs in Job 29-42 The chapters of Job 29-42 include interesting chapters in the Bible when Jehovah speaks to Job, He talks so much about the wonders of the natural world and describes two types of dinosaurs. Theses chapters in Job 29-42 conclude the book of Job with a very satisfying ending. Do rocks pour out “rivers of oil”? My first thought is no – this is a metaphor, but it could also refer to fossil fuels. What does “derision” mean? Derision – means “contemptuous ridicule or mockery”. What are “sinews”? Sinews – a piece of tough fibrous tissue uniting...

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Job 15-28 Questions and Answers

Job 15-28 Questions and Answers In Job 15-28 Job’s three friends still try to convince him that his suffering is because God is punishing him for some sin. What do they mean “fill his belly with the east wind” in Job 15:2? This is a metaphor for a torrent of destructive words which are without any real profit. What is “thick bosses of his bucklers”? This is a reference to some type of strong armor. What do they mean in Job 15:25-27? These verses Eliphaz the Temanite is referring to a wicked and rich man who does not acknowledge God...

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Job 1-14 Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers on the Book of Job Chapters 1-14 One of the things that makes the book of Job interesting is it shows that God sometimes allows bad things to happen to good people. What is eschewed? Eschewed means to deliberately avoid using, to abstain from. What do they mean “sons of God” in Job 1:6? This is a reference to angels, both good angels and fallen angels. Did the Lord tell Satan he could do anything to Job but take his life? Yes, God gave Satan permission to do any type of torture to Job but to leave...