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Ecclesiastes 9-12 Questions and Answers

Ecclesiastes 9-12 The book of Ecclesiastes continues with chapters 9-12. The book of Ecclesiastes is about a man who is out of fellowship with God. Although depressing, Solomon imparts much wisdom in this serious book. If Solomon had more than one wife, why is he saying to live with one wife in Ecclesiastes 9:9? Yes, Solomon had at least 1,000 wives, some of these wives were concubines which are lesser wives, but with all of these women, perhaps he had one favorite? Solomon realized that multiple wives did not bring happiness and that it was ideal  to do what God...

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Ecclesiastes 1-8 Questions and Answers

Ecclesiastes 1-8 Ecclesiastes 1-8 introduces the odd rather depressing book of Ecclesiastes. This book was written by King Solomon, the richest and wisest man that ever was. He had everything yet according to Ecclesiastes 2:10, he was miserable. This book is about an old man who has left God. Although he had everything yet this book is a depressing monologue looking back over his life of abundance and ending with a poetic metaphors of death in chapter 12. Who is “The Preacher” in Ecclesiastes 1? King Solomon What does he mean in Ecclesiastes 1:9?   “The thing that hath been, it...