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Question on Wine from Judges 9:13 1

Question on Wine from Judges 9:13

Question on Wine from Judges 9:13 Verna’s question was: It is all right to have wine according to Judges 9:13? I could not just give her a short answer. So here is my long answer. This simple question on wine from Judges 9:13 was  so long that I made this into a separate webpage. According to some pastors, they say that ALL references in the Bible to wine mean grape juice, the unfermented juice of grapes. I personally don’t agree with that. Here in Judges 9:13 the word “wine” I believe can and does refer to both unfermented and fermented...

Questions and Answers on Judges 11-21 0

Judges 11-21 Questions and Answers

Judges Chapters 11-21 – Questions and Answers What does it mean “rent their clothes”? Judges 11:35 They tore their clothes in great agony. What does it mean “bewail my virginity”? Judges 11:37 She knew that she only had two months to live before her father would sacrifice her. She was grieving the fact that she would never be married, never experience sex, and possibly more importantly, never have any children. For an Israelite woman to die without was a child was a disgrace. They went through a lot of judges in Chapter 12. Yes, there were a total of 12...

Judges Chapters 1-9 Questions and Answers 0

Judges Chapters 1-10 Questions and Answers

Book of Judges Chapters 1-10 Questions and Answers   Why did they cut off the thumbs and great toes off of King Adonibezek in Judges 1:6? Cutting off a person’s thumbs and great toes is a type of torture. Missing the great toes makes you unable to walk normally, and one has to relearn how to walk. Sometimes this cannot be done. Therefore you are a cripple for the rest of your life. Removing the thumbs makes grasping very difficult and simple tasks like dressing, eating, hygiene, and more complicated tasks such as war, etc next to impossible. This guy...