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1 Chronicles 1-6 Questions and Answers

1 Chronicles 1-6 Questions and Answers Not all the kings are in Chapter 1 or Chapter 2? The book of Chronicles starts with genealogies which have nothing to do with the kings of Judah. 1 Chronicles Chapter 1 summary: The genealogy of Adam to Noah, verses 1-3. Of Noah to Abraham, verses 4-27.The sons of Abraham, Ishmael, and Isaac, verse 28. The sons of Ishmael, verses 29-31. The sons of Keturah, verses 32, 33. The sons of Esau, verses 34-42. A list of the kings of Edom,verses 43-50. A list of the dukes of Edom, verses 51-54. Verses 29-54 are...

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1 Chronicles 7 -15 Questions and Answers

1 Chronicles Chapters 7 -15 Questions and Answers What are “porters in the gates”? These were gatekeepers. What are “wards”? Wards-By turns or courses. What are the “instruments of the sanctuary”? These were vessels, think of the jars of oil, etc. In the sanctuary they had fine flour, wine and oil and frankincense and the spices. All of these ingredients were associated with different aspects of worship done in the tabernacle. What did they mean “things that were made in pans”? This refers to Leviticus 2:5 and was reserved for special offerings to God that were baked. What is shewbread...

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1 Chronicles 16 – 29 Questions and Answers

1 Chronicles 16-29 Questions and Answers What is a “good piece of flesh”? This was a generous portion of meat. What is a sheepcote? A sheepcote is a shelter for sheep. Is a garrison a fort? Yes, this is a military camp or base. The word “garrison” could also refer to the men who are camped there. What is a scribe? A scribe is a person who copied documents. They were also record keeper. Are the Syrians back then the same as they are today? Yes, I am sure that they did not change very much. Why did Satan cause...