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Questions and Answers on ZechariahBook of Zechariah –  Visions and Rebuilding the Temple

In the book of Zechariah, the prophet Zechariah encourages the people to rebuild the temple of God and also foretells of the coming Messiah.

What are myrtle trees in Zechariah 1:8? Myrtle trees are evergreen shrubs with small leaves and they give off a pleasant aroma. They are native to the Mediterranean area.

What does a red horse speckled and white in Zechariah 1:8? A red horse symbolizes war and bloodshed. The red horses, speckled horses and white horses may represent different types of angels who do different types of jobs and/or different states of affairs of the nation of Israel.

Who are the people that walked the earth in Zechariah 1:11? This is a reference to angels.

Why was God jealous of Jerusalem and Zion in Zechariah 1:14? Just as a husband is jealous over his wife, so too was God jealous of Jerusalem.

What is a measuring line in Zechariah 2:1? Think of a measuring tape like carpenters use.

In Zechariah 2:7 who is the daughter of Babylon? This is referring to the people of Babylon.

Who did God send to the people in Zechariah 2:11 was it Jesus? Yes, I do believe that this verse is referring to the Lord Jesus Christ.

What does a fair mitre mean in Zechariah 3:5? A mitre is a bonnet, a head covering that the Old Testament priests wore when they ministered in the tabernacle and temple before the LORD. Fair means beautiful.

Who is the BRANCH in Zechariah 3:8? This is a reference to Jesus Christ.

What are they talking about a candlestick all of gold with a bowl upon the tops of it and seven lamps thereon and seven pipes to the seven lamps and two olive trees one upon the right side and on the left side in Zechariah 4:2&3? The picture on the right is from an article on the book of Zechariah from Heritage Baptist Bible Church.

Two Oilve trees of Zechariah Chapter 4.

What is the meaning of the number 7? According to Bible scholars, the number 7 in the Bible refers to God’s perfection not only in the book of Zechariah but all throughout the Bible.

Who are the two anointed ones in Zechariah 4:14? No one knows for sure. I think that the two anointed ones are Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Other Bible scholars have other opinions.

What was a flying scroll in Zechariah 5:1? This was just a scroll that the prophet saw flying. The flying scroll represented a curse.

What is an ephah in Zechariah 5:6? An ephah is a large measure of dry weight containing according to the source, from five to seven gallons. This symbolizes the great measure of all of the sins of Israel.

What are the four chariots sent from between two mountains and the mountains were mountains of brass in Zechariah 6:1? Mountains here may symbolize kingdoms namely those of the Medes and Persians. Being that they were mountains of brass symbolizes that the kingdoms were strong. The four chariots may symbolize four different empires.

I think that a red horse means war but what does a black horse in the second chariot mean in Zechariah 6:2? The red horse may represent bloodshed. The black horse may represent sorrow and/or famine.

What does the third chariot have a white horse mean and the fourth chariot had a bay horse? The white horse may represent joy and victory and the grisled horse may represent a mixed state of affairs.

In Zechariah 7 the first 7 verses sounds like what we do very month on the first Sunday. These verses are referring to the fasts that the Jews were to keep under the Law. Although they were observing the fasts according to the Law, their heart was not right before the Lord and they did this as only an outward sense of duty but they did not have their hearts right before God.

What was the name of the holy mountain in Zechariah 8:3? There is no specific name that I can find. It is referred to as “The mountain of holiness” or “The mountain of the LORD’s house”.

What prophecy is in Zechariah 9:9? This is what we call the triumphal entry as recorded in Matthew 21:1-9.

What prophecy is in Zechariah 9:10? This is referring to the millennial reign of Christ.

What does it mean “hiss from them” in Zechariah 10:8? God will call His people using a special cry like a shepherd calls for his flock, calling them from distant countries.

What does it mean rain in Zechariah 10:1? Here is means God’s blessings including the actual physical rain because without rain there would be no crops.

In Zechariah are God’s people starting to turn back to God? They seem to be thinking about that since the prophet is exhorting them to do so.

Is Lebanon in Zechariah 11:1 the same Lebanon as it today? Yes, generally, it is in the same place of the world.

In Zechariah 11:7 who took the two staves? The LORD.

Where people eating each other in Zechariah 11:9? Some may have because of the severe famine.

What prophecy was in Zechariah 11:13? This is a prophecy  referring to  what happened to Judas after he betrayed Jesus. The account is recorded in Matthew 27: 3-10.

Did God kill Beauty and Bands? Beauty and Bands were two staves or sticks that God used as an illustration to the prophet. He cut them. Since they were pieces of wood He could not kill them.

What does God mean when “the land shall mourn every family apart and their wives apart” in Zechariah 12:12? The grieving and mourning will be so great that each will grieve alone. They will not even have the comfort to grieve with each other.

What fountain opened in Zechariah 13:1? I think that this fountain is totally symbolic and represents Jesus’ cleansing blood.

What are they talking about in Zechariah 13? The Jewish people are promised full pardon for their sin of idolatry and they will not again have false prophets (verses 1-6). In verse 7 is a prophecy of the death of the Messiah His disciples persecuted. The last verses are a bit vague but then may refer to Jews who accepted Jesus as their Messiah.

What spoil are they talking about in Zechariah 14:1? “Spoil” means the treasures of war after the people are conquered, the conquerors get their stuff. This verse is a prophecy that Jerusalem will be destroyed by the Romans.

What war are they talking about in Zechariah 14:2? This is a prophecy that the Romans will conquer Jerusalem.

What are they talking about in Zechariah 14? The first two verses are about the Romans attacking Jerusalem. Then the chapter looks forward even further into the future to the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ to earth to set up His kingdom in Jerusalem.

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