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Questions and answers on MicahMicah 1-6 Questions and Answers

The book of Micah with only seven chapters is one of the minor prophets yet his message from God is anything but minor. Among other prophecies he foretold that the coming Messiah would be born in Bethlehem.

What does it mean “the valleys shall be cleft, as wax before the fire” in Micah 1:4? The topographical landscape, specifically here the valleys will be cleft – split, divided partially into two – as easily as wax melts before a fire.

What are the transgressions of Jacob in Micah 1:5? This was idolatry being practiced in the capital cities.

What does it mean “heap of the field” in Micah 1:6? The prosperous city of Samaria will become like a heap of stones laid carelessly in a field.

Who was coveting fields and taking them by violence in Micah 2:2? The evil mighty men referred to in verse 1 that devise iniquity and work evil upon their beds.

We are not to judge people. Is that what they are talking about in Micah 3:1? The princes of Israel were to know and to do right judgment in order to be good leaders to the people, but they were not doing this, rather they were oppressing their people.

Did they really eat people in Micah 3:3? This is a metaphor here referring to the cruel unjustness was so bad in that the princes of Israel devoured the good and the livelihood of the people that is was almost like they were actually being eaten alive.

Who is talking in Micah 3:8? Micah, the prophet of God.

What does “abhor” mean in Micah 3:9? Abhor – regard with disgust and intense hatred.

Are they talking about the last day before Jesus come back in Micah 4:1? This is referring to the millennial reign of Christ.

In Micah Chapter 4 are they talking about the end? This chapter is referring to the millennial reign of Christ.

Is Micah 5:2 a prophecy concerning the birth of Jesus? Yes, it is!

Who are the seven shepherds, and eight principal men in Micah 5:5? These were seven shepherds who would reign over Assyria. Bible scholars names one of these as Darius and he had seven helpers.

What does God mean “What have I done unto thee?” in Micah 6:3? God is asking His people, “What have I done to you that you have acted so treacherously, basely and ungratefully to Me?” What injustice has He done to them that they rejected Him to serve idols instead of Him?

What does “grapegleanings” mean in Micah 7:1? Gathering the leftovers of the grape harvest.

Why are they hunting every man in Micah 7:2? Because all of the people, even those in authority, are evil.

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