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Questions and answers on the book of Joe.Book of Joel

The book of Joel in the Bible is the second of the minor prophets. The theme in the book of Joel is the day of the Lord. God will bring judgement but to avoid this Joel calls for repentance.

In the first 4 verses they talk about bugs eating bugs. What do they mean in Joel:1-4? No, bugs are not eating bugs here. Because of the judgment of God He will send insects to wipe out all of the vegetation and the crops resulting in a famine in the land.

In Joel 1:5 they talk about drunkards. What are they talking about? The famine in verse 4 is so great that the crops necessary for alcoholic beverages will be greatly reduced. This will affect mostly those that are given to excess drinking. Those that are drunk are usually insensible to judgments because their senses are so impaired. But this famine will be so great that they will not have their usual amount of alcoholic beverages and they will have to awake and face the reality of God’s judgment via the famine.

In Joel 1 are they talking about something that is going to happen in the future? I think that this prophecy was fulfilled in Joel’s time.

In Joel 2 the first part reminded me of the end of the tribulation. This is two part. This passage, I think, refers both to the judgment of the Lord in Joel’s time, this really happened and it is a foreshadow of the tribulation. This also does have a reference to the tribulation.

The second part to Joel 2 talks about the people who will turn back to God. Yes, some will especially because they want to avoid the coming judgments.

Where was “the valley of Jehoshaphat” in Joel 3:2? I am not quite sure but some Bible scholars think that this was an area outside of Jerusalem on the eastern side of the city.

People back then were selling their children? The oppressors of the Jews would do such a thing, they would sell a boy for the price to hire an harlot or sell a girl for a cup of wine.

What does “recompense” mean in Joel 3:4? In this verse it is referring to revenge against God.

In Joel 3:8 was God saying that He would sell their sons and daughters? God is speaking to the oppressors of His people. Just as they sold the children of the Jews, so too will God give the children of the enemies of the Jews to be sold. This is part of God’s judgment on those who oppress His people.

What do “plowshares and pruning hooks” mean in Joel 3:10? These are instrument or tools of farming and harvest. These peaceful instruments will be adapted for weapons of war.

Is Judah still a place today? Yes, it may not be called “Judah” but it is in the southern part of the land of Israel.

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