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Inspirational Birthday Prayer For Me! – 6 Examples

If you are looking for a birthday prayer for me, you came to the right place. There is nothing wrong and everything right about praying for yourself — every day. The occasion of your birthday is both a beautiful time and an ideal time to thank Almighty God for His abundant blessings.

As you look back and reflect on the past year, and look forward to the coming year, it is a type of a new age, a new year for you. Instead of me trying to write the best birthday prayer ever, I have asked some of my writer friends to contribute. Here are six different “Happy Birthday Prayers” for you to read. Click on their names at the end of each of the prayers to learn more about the author.

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It is my desire that, not only will you have a blessed birthday, but after reading the birthday prayers of others you will get ideas to compose the very best birthday prayer for yourself.

A Birthday Prayer for Me — By Samantha

Dear Father which art in Heaven, I’d like to thank you for allowing me to be born in this family. Each family member who You have given to me is wonderful; they have given me countless blessings in so many ways. Thank You for all of my years on Earth. Thank You for my husband and all my fur babies.

O Lord, help me to grow each year in your will. Help me to learn to pray for others, to think of others first as You did. Give me good health, mercy, joy, peace, love, and the ability to meet my financial needs, not only in the coming year, but as long as I walk this earth.

Help me to see the difference between what You want me to have and what I want. Keep my steps in Your path. Help me, no matter how long You allow me to live on Earth to always have my right mind and be able to care for myself. Help me to do Your will, and to always call on Your name when I’m in need. Thank You, Jesus, for Your Holy Word.

On this beautiful day today, I am thanking You and asking You to bless those who spiritually taught me, nourished me, cared for me, and loved me in the past year. I ask that this blessing be not only in the past year, but also help me on my special day today and throughout the coming year. In fact, throughout all the days of my life, to be faithful in my duty to pray for solutions to problems and praise You for blessings.

In Jesus Name we pray always. Amen and amen. 

Samantha Fury

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A Birthday Prayer for Me — By Carrie

Dear Lord, my Great Shepherd,

It’s me. Thank You for the celebration and reminder of my birthday today, as You deemed and appointed me to be born on this very special day. The particulars of my birth were crafted and designed with all the details that might be forgotten, but that You hold so tightly. I was too young to remember my entry, but I thank You for this life.

I was foreknown by You before the foundations of the world. I see this day as a gift that no man, but You ordained. I prayerfully am reminded of who I am, by faith in You. You formed me in my mother’s womb, and foreknew me, and formed every part of me. You ordained my flesh, when I would be born, and the definite plan You had in mind for me.

Then, after I grew older, and at just the right time, when I was dead in my trespasses, and I asked You and You saved me because of Your mercy, Your grace that You gave me, Your perfect gift of eternal salvation, and I thank You.

You knew from eternity past all the sins I would commit. You knew that these sins made me an enemy in active rebellion toward You. But still, despite my sins, in my thoughts, my words, and my deeds, You love me anyway.  Thank You for Your love and devotion that You show to me every day.

Thank You that I have a new identity as a “child of God”. On my birthday, today and from this day forth, may I lift my head and walk in Your love with a new fervor, passion, and keeping the end goal in mind. To see You on that day when You say to me, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.” May I receive this beautiful gift to remember, my salvation in You Jesus, here on my birthday.

Jesus, thank You that You made me holy on the day of my salvation and desire the advancement of “running my race to receive the prize” to continue. I pray for Your help in the process of my definitive identity (to be set apart, be made whole, made holy) to advance with victory. Help me to remember I am forgiven and cleansed, sprinkled by the blood of Jesus.

His blood was shed once and for all, and, therefore, I am fully cleansed. I will always be Your chosen, loved by You, and set apart by You. May I always remember that I have no condemnation after confessing my sins to You. May I turn my eyes from evil and back to You and remember completely that I am Your elect and to walk in that truth.

Dear God, with the assistance of Your Holy Spirit, please. help me put off the “old self” described in Scripture so that I may live in obedience to God, where my true life is found. Let me not return to any old ways of living that ruin my appetite for the treasures of heaven. Let me not feast on any sin here that will keep me full and not ready to receive Your living water and life-giving feast at Your table. Help me to be empty of the idols of this world and their deceitful sin. Help me to live a holy life.

May I remember that I am an alien in this world, an exile, a pilgrim just passing through to a new citizenship in Your heavenly kingdom. I am not home yet, but I am waiting for You daily, looking forward to Your coming again for me. Help me to remember that the trials of this world assure me that this life will never be quite right and cannot be without trouble. I look forward to seeing Your face.

 May the joy of my youth and optimism be present today, and throughout the beautiful year to come, in the fruit of hopefulness that blossoms in my life like a beautiful flower. May my obedience to You be as worship to You like the beautiful scent of a most uniquely perfect rose that emanates to Your holy throne.

I desire You God and look forward to the inheritance that You promised to me and is unfading, perfectly restored, everlasting, and true. I look forward to someday turning in my passport of this world to be a part of Your heavenly kingdom. Please, empower me by Your Holy Spirit to seek a treasure that is only inherited in You.

In Jesus Name,

Your daughter, Carrie Suessmith


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Birthday Prayer for Me — A Prayer of Thanks to the Lord by Charles

Dear Heavenly Father,

Today is my birthday. In 1948 I emerged and began a journey in Your care. 

Thank You for the family that you gave me. I learned security and trust from parents who cared and worked hard. I learned to share with an older sister and younger brother. When financially difficult times came, we tightened our belts and got through them; our faith became real. Never were we without Your loving care.

It is a testimony of grace to recount how You prepared my parent’s heart to hear the Gospel. I remember fondly the time I realized that my superficial understanding of Bible stories was not “believing,” and I received Christ as my Savior. 

My life has been under Your divine control. I look back at opportunities that were presented to me and how Your guidance helped me to accomplish them. Things were not always fun, but certainly made me depend on You.

The Spirit of God has been my companion all these years. Dear God, thank You for this wonderful gift of Your presence. Often, You convicted me of sin as I started down a path outside of Your will. Your tender care prevented me from straying too far and ruining my life.

I have been married to the same woman for 54 years. Our bond is blessed by Your grace. You have provided our needs and abundantly above them. We gave birth to five healthy children who have grown in Your care.

Now, after my long life, I face old age. My days have always been in Your hands and their length subject to Your will. Nevertheless, my body tells me that I have a coming date with death. What a comfort to know that when I am absent from the body, I am present with the Lord.

I long for the time that You come for your children, and we will enjoy being the bride of Christ. The blessings that I enjoy being Your child will be magnified beyond my imagination. 

Please continue to guide and protect me every day. It is my highest goal to hear you say on Judgment Day, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant.”

Love and Devotion

Dr. Charles Brown

Born July 27, 1948

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Birthday Prayer for Me — by Cindy

Dear Lord, maker of heaven and Earth, Almighty God Who knit me together in my mother’s womb, Who knew my every day before I was even born. You know every part of my life.

“Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts: And see if there be any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.” (Psalms 139:23-24)

Shine Your light on my heart, Lord, and guide me away from the paths that don’t lead to You. I am in awe of the beauty of Your world. The stars in the heavens, the trees in the fields, the fish in the sea — everywhere I look I see another aspect of Your handiwork.

Today, I want to ask You for the gift of Your peace. The peace Jesus promised in John 14:27, “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.”

All too often, I feel as though my heart and mind are caught up in a storm, a tornado in my mind. Too many voices, too much noise trying to steal that calm You want to give me — family, work, responsibilities.

You are the Prince of Peace according to Isaiah 9:6-7. Because of Jesus, I have peace with You; my future is in Your hands. There’s hope beyond the turmoil of this world. But today, my restless heart struggles. Teach me to take Your yoke upon me and learn from You, for You are gentle and lowly in heart… Your yoke is easy, and Your burden is light. (Matthew 11:29-30)

At home I am bombarded by the Internet, including social media. When I go into my community, I am confronted by brokenhearted people who have no interest in the Prince of Peace, but instead, are walking in the emptiness of their souls, exchanging the truth of God for a lie, calling good evil and evil good. Remind me of Solomon’s wisdom recorded in Ecclesiastes 12:13 where he says that the whole duty of man is to fear God and keep Your commandments.

May I walk close to You this year, sensitive to Your gentle voice when You share with me Your heartache for the wayward stranger in my town. This is my prayer; this is the gift I desire most from You now.

Grant me Your peace deep within my heart and mind so I can carry it to my family, my neighbors, and into my community. It must start with me. How can I share Your peace with others if I don’t have Your peace in my own heart?

Lord, here am I, send me. You tell me in Matthew 5:9 that the peacemakers are blessed, for they shall be called sons of God. I want to be a peacemaker, to be called Your child.

This is my heart speaking to Yours, God, Maker of all things. This peace is the gift I’m asking for, more than anything else for the days to come.

In Jesus Name, Prince of Peace, Amen

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Cindy Seki

Birthday Prayer for Me — by Jennifer

(Jenn wrote this birthday day prayer against the painful backdrop of her dad battling Stage 4 prostate cancer.)

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Father, thank You for another day, another full lungful of air, another chance to fulfill your calling on my life, and for the promise of another year. I am beyond blessed to be a part of Your kingdom, to have You guiding me every step of the way, knowing Your path for my life is good and not evil. These truths carry me through the tough times, even the ones that have threatened my very marrow. This Earth is not my home, and every year that I grow in the knowledge of Your Kingdom I am more certain of this fact.

I am so grateful You take the time to patiently teach me, and as Your hand moves in my life, I am increasingly aware of the thousands of touches You placed in my life, nudging me back on the path, showing me how to help someone else, teaching me how I can live in peace and not anxiety, despite the chaos of the world around me.

Lord, help the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart to fall in line with Your will and to be acceptable in Your sight. The older I get the wearier I grow of my own inability to control the wildness of my mouth and the surreptitious nature of my thoughts. It is not within me to fix myself, and I know my only hope for true freedom is within Your arms, so I pray You continue to lovingly teach me Your walk.

Because it is easy to grow weary and lose heart, I also ask that You keep my eyes focused on the eternal weight of glory that defies all comparison. Help me to keep focused on how You renew my inner self, and keep my heart encouraged.

For my children, friends, and family, I pray You will show us all Your way, Lord. Teach my children Your path and hold them close to Your will. Do not let them wander from the good fight, but instead, help them to wear the armor of God faithfully, and without fail. Guide us in Your truth and teach us, for You are God and Savior, and our only hope is in You.

No one knows what tomorrow holds except You, Lord. I am so grateful to be one of the few to know this and Your many promises. I despise how age eventually leads to loss, but I am holding on with all of my strength to the knowledge that we pass from this life into Your presence.

Be with my family as we all walk this frightening leg of the path, as we all experience change and pain, and help us to find You in the midst of each moment. Hold my parents in your hands, ease their fear, comfort their heart and mind, for this that they suffer is a light and momentary affliction. You, Lord, have plans that are for good and not evil, plans to prosper us. Our days are numbered, it is true. Each one is a gift from You so that we may fulfil Your will for us.

Let us all remain focused and not grow weary so that in due season we will reap because You helped us not give up. And when that day comes, when Dad steps from this life into the next, Lord, I pray for his sake, he hears, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.” Because he’s been seeking these words from Your lips his whole adult life.



Birthday Prayer for Me — by Mary Jane

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Dear Heavenly Father, thank You for this special day today, when You, through Your great love and divine plan years earlier, decreed for me to come into this world. Thank You for giving me the precious gift of life that You did, and for placing me into my particular family. Because of what You did for me so many years ago, this beautiful day always has a special meaning for me. Thank You that, after You gave me physical life, You showed me the need of spiritual life as well, and when I asked You, You saved my soul forever from that horrible place called hell.

Thank You for the great gift of the Holy Spirit while I am still on Earth. Thank You for the promise of heaven, where I will have eternity to praise and worship You for all of Your goodness and Your provisions, Your abundant blessings, both in this life and those that I will enjoy throughout eternity.

Thank You for all of Your countless blessings to me in the past year. In my new year, despite the fact that I am older, please, give me good health and help me to understand how better to bring You glory and praise with the life that You have given to me. Help me to live my life intentionally in the light of eternity. Please, help me to point others to You so that they, too, can have eternal spiritual life like You gave to me. Perhaps You will come for Your children before my next birthday, allowing myself and all others who are alive at that time to cheat death.

May this be so, even before my next birthday. This event would give me my best year yet, since then I would start a new chapter in Your mighty presence with my loved ones and the holy angels.

But if You don’t come for your children within the next year, please, grant me peace of mind daily as You remind me of Your everlasting love for me. Help me to grow in grace and in the knowledge of Jesus Christ, even as I find shelter and protection under Your mighty wings. Help me to serve You and others with good works as You direct. I don’t know what the coming year will bring, but I pray that You will again bring me abundant blessings.

I know that I will not ever be fully satisfied on Earth, but on this special day today, I am looking forward to eternity with You, where You will finally, totally, and completely fulfill the desires of my heart. In this new year of life, and throughout all the days of my life, help me to be found faithfully trusting and serving You better every day. I humbly thank You and praise You in the name of my Lord Jesus Christ, amen.

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If it is your birthday today, may God give you a most special day and a beautiful year ahead. Happy birthday to you!

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