Exodus 13-19 Bible Study

Questions and answers on Exodus 13-19.

This is a picture of Mt. Sinai today.

Exodus 13-19 Bible Study

Questions and Answers

Exodus 13-19 is a roller coaster of emotions. These chapters start with the journey from Egypt and toward the Promised Land. Because they are His people, God has some rules that He expects them to follow. In chapter 13 God tells Moses about sanctifying the first born. This setting apart of all of the firstborn is a reminder of the death of the firstborn in Egypt unless they applied the blood.

In Exodus 13: 19, Moses took the bones of Joseph to bury in the Promised Land like Joseph himself requested about 400 years earlier. Since they are going where they had never been before, God provided direction, along with his leader Moses – a pillar of fire by day and a cloud by night. All they had to do was to follow.

Right after the children of Israel left Egypt, Pharaoh changed his mind and went after them. When the people saw Pharaoh’s armies, they were afraid and blamed Moses for taking them out into the wilderness to die. God parted the Red Sea so that His people could go across on dry ground, but when Pharaoh’s armies tried to follow, God brought the waters back and they all drowned.

After this wonderful victory, Exodus chapter 15 records the song of praise and thanksgiving that Moses and the others sang unto the LORD. This is a good reminder for us today – don’t forget to thank God for His provision!

In Exodus 16, the people started to murmur against Moses. They missed the food of Egypt. So God sent them manna – bread from heaven for them.

In chapter 17, the people had no water. God told Moses to smite the rock and when he did, water gushed out. I believe that this rock was made of flint because Deuteronomy 8:15 and Psalm 114:8 both refer to this miracle and specify that the rock was flint.

Victory will not be unchallenged. Amalek came to fight them. Joshua took men to defend themselves and fight back. When Moses held up his rod, then his people were strong, but when he got tired, Amalek prevailed. Aaron and Hur, helped to hold up Moses’ hands and the children of Israel totally destroyed Amalek. Even today, God has blessed us with friends to help us as we all need help from others. We too need to help others also.

In chapter 19, Moses is getting ready to receive the law from God at Mt. Sinai. The voice of God is characterized as a trumpet. 1 Thessalonians 4:16 tell us that at the Rapture, Jesus will come with the trump of God.

Exodus shows us that God provides what we need. God provided direction, food, protection, victory against enemies and even His written laws, so His people would know how to please Him. Just as God provided for the Children of Israel then, so too does God provide for His children today. We have an awesome God.

Verna’s Questions on Exodus 13-19 and My AnswersQuestions and Answers on Exodus 13-19

In Exodus 13: 2 what does it mean “openeth the womb among the children”? Literally this means simply being born.

In Exodus 13:8 are they talking about the way Jesus died? No, the Passover or the feast of unleavened bread was a remembrance of the children of Israel leaving Egypt and they had to leave fast so they could not use leaven (yeast) in their bread to make it rise. The Passover feast is a foreshadow of Jesus as God’s Perfect Lamb being sacrificed on the Cross.

In Exodus 13: 16 what does “frontlets” mean? This is a band or ornament worn on the forehead between the eyes.

In Exodus 15: 2 it sounds like Jesus was talking about His father. Yes, but actually Moses was talking about his father and that his father worshipping God and that he would also.

What does Exodus 15:3 mean? The LORD (all capitals) is one of the Old Testament names of God. It is His personal Name– Jehovah. And God is a God of war. Revelation 19:11 “And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and he that sat upon him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he doth judge and make war.”

In Exodus 16: 23 what does “seethe” mean? “Seethe” means to cook in a liquid – to boil.

Is Sin a place today and why did they call it Sin?  The area is still there, located somewhere between Elim and Mt. Sinai, but the area of the world is not called Sin. Sin is a word that may refer to the moon god that was worshiped in that area.

In Exodus 18: 3 what does he mean when he said that he was “an alien in a strange land”? Moses was a foreigner there, far from his home.

Why did Moses send his wife back to her father? He probably just wanted her and their sons to be safe until Moses knew what God wanted him to do for His people in Egypt.

In Exodus 18:17 what was Moses doing that was wrong? Moses was singlehandly listening to all of the people and judging between them. They had no rules and no government and they needed to know what was right and wrong in various situations. He was doing this all by himself and his father-in-law knew that he would wear himself out. Soon after that God gave the Law which give the Israelites the needed rules.

In Exodus 19:3 Moses went up unto God and the LORD was Jesus. Yes, I believe that when the Old Testament says the LORD, this was the pre-human Jesus.

Is the Mountain Sinai still around? Yes it is.

Finished with Exodus chapters 13-19? Continue your reading in Exodus 20-26. Please leave any questions or comment below.

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