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A picture of Verna when she was visiting her daughter in Florida.

Verna’s Bible Questions and My Answers – How It All Got Started (And It Continues To This Present Day)

Bible questions and answers seem to be very popular. While Bible questions and answers was not the primary purpose of my blog, I had so many that I decided to create a special section devoted just to Bible questions and answers. Now before you delve into particular books and chapters of the Bible, which I certainly hope that you will, let me just explain to you how this particular section came about.

For a few years I was a Sunday School teacher for ages 8-11. One of the ladies of the church, Verna, (yes that is her real name!) was a bit older than 11 years old. Verna got saved when she was an adult and she started to attend church regularly. Verna was in her late sixties, or early seventies and decided that she wanted to learn the Bible from a beginner’s standpoint. So she started to sit in on my Sunday school classes. Having Verna in the classroom with me was a privilege in many ways. She helped with discipline. She was tougher than I was! Because she was there, I geared my lessons to a higher level in order to reach her and realized that I wanted to teach adults, not children. And I felt that having the lessons a bit on the advanced adult level stretched the young minds.

As part of my Sunday school lessons I encouraged my students to have daily devotions. I told them to every day read a portion of the Bible and take time to pray. I reminded them that they ate every day, they used the bathroom daily, (remember I was talking to 8-11 year-olds and bathroom references are very interesting to that age group), they slept every day (or night),  and they talked to someone every day, so with all of their other daily and needful activities, I told them to add the practice of private and personal prayer and Bible time.

I taught this to my students remembering that one of my Sunday School teachers taught me this very same concept and I have been having devotions every day since then. I told the students that they were old enough to read and they should read the Bible every day. Then following the example of my Sunday School teacher, I would ask them the next week if they did their devotions.

The weeks went on and when I would ask them if they had their devotion time, they would just simply stare blankly and silently at me. They acted like I was asking a totally stupid question. But one student started not only to read her Bible on a regular basis but also to bring me written questions on what she read that week. You guessed it! That student was the adult learner Verna. I didn’t realize that adults too needed to learn how to do devotions and naively thought since Verna was an adult, she just naturally did so. I learned otherwise and Vera learned how to have daily devotions.

At first, I didn’t know how to answer her questions since I only saw her on Sundays in class. So I incorporated her Bible questions with my regular Sunday School lesson. I started the lesson, reading her Bible questions and verbally answering her questions before I began teaching my regular Sunday School lesson.

I realize that personal Bible reading, and prayer time was a new concept for Verna but one that she embraced. What helped her was that she knew that what she didn’t understand as she read the Bible, I would be willing and able to explain to her. So she started to read the Bible starting at Genesis.

Soon after this my Sunday School class dissolved but Verna and her questions did not. Rather they took a life of their very own. Since I no longer had the Sunday school class and Verna stayed out in the main service with the other adults, we had to find another venue in which to answer her questions. We started to meet at the local Dukin Donut shop in town every Friday morning where I would give her back her questions with my answers.

Our weekly schedule was that every Sunday morning, Verna would greet me at the church door and slip a piece of folded notebook paper in my hand. These were her questions for the past week. Then I would research her questions, writing out the answers and meet with her and my husband on Friday and give back her questions with my answers.

After a few months of this, I started to save her Bible questions and my answers. And then since I had so many, I decided that Verna’s questions and my answers would be a benefit to others. So I decided to include them in my blog. And I am in the process of compiling all of these Bible questions and answers into an e-book.

I hope that not only you will find these helpful in understanding the Bible but that you will also like Verna and myself have a private time of Bible reading and prayer. Follow the example of Vera, and when you have questions, find someone who will answer them.

Thank you, Verna! You have been a great encouragement to me and a great blessing since you trust me to teach you both in and out of the classroom. My desire is that your questions will be a help to many others as they too read and study God’s Word.

Specifically both Verna and I exclusively use the King James Version of the Bible, (KJV) which according to Christianity Today is the most popular version of the Bible but even more importantly, we believe that the King James Version of the Bible is God’s preserved Word for the English speaking people. For the purpose of this blog, I organized the questions so that the length of the blog posts is more uniform. Also some of Verna’s Bible questions are based on the notes in her Bible where certain verses refer to prophecies.

Here are links to the posts on specific books of the Bible. The link goes to the first blog post containing the questions and answers for that book of the Bible and from there you can access all of  the posts that deal with all of the chapters in that entire book of the Bible. All are Verna’s questions and my answers. Enjoy!









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