Are You Dreaming or Do You Have a Vision?

are you dreaming or do you have a dreamDo you have a vision or do you only have a fuzzy dream? Solomon, the wisest man that ever lived said in Proverbs 29:18, “Where there is no vision, the people perish”.

In studying the Bible I found that dreams are associated with sleep. But visions are associated with being awake. While many times we use the words “dream” and “vision” interchangeably there this is a fine but important difference between the two words.

Many times in the world of business, self-employed folks, and even those not self-employed, say that they have a dream. They dream to be rich, they dream to take that perfect vacation, they dream to be able to work on the things they want to do instead of answering to a boss, etc and their dreams continue. And let me remind you, all great accomplishments started with a dream first.

So back to Solomon’s statement – he used the word “vision”. He was implying that awake, alert people need a vision and if they don’t have this, they will perish. While I don’t think that he was saying that they would die physically, I rather interpret this verse as they get depressed, they feel that they have nothing to live for, their passion for life slowly but surely dies, and sooner or later they too will die most likely without accomplishing much of anything important, such as fulfilling their dreams.

To combat this, a vision is needed.  The wide-awake alert folks need to have a clear vision of what they want to accomplish in life. This is a clear measurable goal or rather set of goals. It is not a fuzzy hoped-for dream. They know what they want, and every action brings them closer to accomplishing and manifesting their personal and particular goals that they have envisioned.

I personally put this concept into practice just lately after reading Jack Canfield’s book The Success Principles. He encourages the reader to write down their goals and what they want for their ideal future in as much detail as possible. So I took that advice and I wrote down things like what I want to do to make money, how much money do I want to make on an annual or monthly basis, my health, my relationships, my possessions, where I want to live, what the house looks like, what charities I want to support and with how much, even such details as what flowers I want in my yard, etc. As I get more ideas, my vision gets clearer, and I add those ideas to what I have already written. Writing down my goals in detail helps me to know exactly what I am working towards, not a vague idea, but a crystal clear vision of what I want to accomplish in my life and my work. This written account is in addition to my vision board.

I believe vision boards are called that for a purpose, they are not called “dream boards”. Vision boards are specific. They are pictures of things or symbols that represent non tangible accomplishments, that we want to accomplish and then strive to do so. The pictures on vision boards are very specific. The purpose of the vision boards is to focus our thoughts, energies, and even our subconscious into manifesting what we  have pictured.  This brings clarity to our goals. It is clear and very specific.  Writing out the things that you envision for your future in detail and creating a vision board are two activities that help you to have clarity for what you desire in life.

I encourage you to stop dreaming, wake up, write out and picture your vision and work toward it instead of perishing. Please share at least one part of your vision in the comments below.

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