2 Kings 8-16 Questions and Answers

2 Kings 8-16 Questions and Answers

 Who did they throw down in 2 Kings 9:33? Queen Jezebel, the wife of evil King Ahab.2 Kings 8-16 Questions and Answers

Ahab had 70 sons, and how many wives? The Bible does not say. The only wife recorded is Jezebel, but I am sure that he had many more.

How many families did they wipe out? This was total destruction. I don’t know the number but everyone died.

What is vestments? Vestments are clothing worn for religious and ceremonial occasions. In modern times, priests of the Catholic church and similar churches wear vestments. Think fancy robes.

How did a person 7 years old rule as a king? He had advisers who made the decisions for him. Jehoiada the priest was the brains behind King Jehoash. 2 Kings 12:2 says, “And Jehoash did that which was right in the sight of the LORD all his days wherein Jehoiada the priest instructed him.”

What is “howbeit? We say “but”.

In 2 Kings 13:1-4 were they slaves? No, they were under military occupation.

Why do they keep talking about Chronicles? Whoever wrote the book of Chronicles knew about the writing of the book of Kings. I believe that there two sets of books were written about the same  time but of different authors. So they referred to each other for more information on certain topics.

Did they have windows? Yes. Examples of windows in the Bible: there was a window in the ark  – Genesis 8:6. Rahab let the spies down by a cord through her window in Joshua 2:15. The mother of Sisera looked out of a window in Judges 5:28. Michal let David down through a window in 1 Samuel 19:12 and later she looked through a window in 2 Samuel 6:16. The construction of their windows I am sure were very different than out double hung storm glass windows.

How did they smitten? “Smitten” is another word for killed. So these people were butchered by the sword most likely.

What are high places? High places were places where idols were worshiped. To put this in modern terms, “high places” were false idol worshiping churches.

Why did they put the books of Kings before Chronicles? Kings was written before the Babylonian captivity (i.e., before 586 B.C.), while Chronicles was written afterwards (i.e., before 516 B.C.). According to Jewish tradition, Ezra wrote Chronicles and Jeremiah wrote Kings.

How many kings were in 2 Kings Chapter 15? Jeroboam-Israel, Azariah (Uzziah) – Judah, Jotham, Zachariah – Israel, Shallum, Menahem-Samaria, Azariah – Judah, Pul -Assyria, Pekahiah – Israel, Pekah -Israel, Tiglathpileser -Assyria, Hoshea, Jotham – Judah, Rezin -Syria, Ahaz

What does it mean to “pass through the fire”? They burned the children.

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