2 Chronicles 30-36 Questions and Answers

 2 Chronicles 30-36 Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers on 2 Chronicles 30-36What is stiffnecked in 2 Chronicles 30:8? This means that someone is so stubborn that they will not move their heads.

Was Hezekiah a good king?  He was one of the very best kings of Judah.

Who took away the altars in 2 Chronicles 30:14? King Hezekiah’s men took away the heathen altars.

They had burnt offerings to the new moons in 2 Chronicles 31:3? They did not worship the moon. Their calendar was a lunar calendar when there was a new moon, like the beginning of our month; there were sacrifices at that time. Something similar, we have communion once a month on the first Sunday of that month.

What are heaps referred to 2 Chronicles 31:? These were grains and other food stuffs in great abundance – heaps of them.

Was Manasseh a good king? No, he was terrible! According to 2 Chronicles 33:9 Manasseh made Judah to do worse then the heathen. He also filled the land with innocent blood.

Why did God let Manasseh reign for 55 years? I am not sure. He was not supposed to be born. I THINK that God because of His longsuffering allowed him to reign and live and be evil because God knew that Manasseh would eventually repent and turn back to God and so God wanted him to have the time to do that.

Was Amon a good king? No, he was evil. He worshiped idols like his father Manassseh according to 2 Chronicles 33:22.

Was Josiah a good king? Yes, he was excellent. There was revival under Josiah because he took away the idols and wanted his people to served God only. See  2 Chronicles 34:33.

The Bible is not just about the Jews? No, it is primarily about the Jews and it is written by Jews but mentions other people.

What they mean, “It is written in the book of Moses” in  2 Chronicles 35: 12? This is a reference to the first five books of the Bible.

What are lamentations in 2 Chronicles 35:25? Lamentations is the passionate expression of grief or sorrow; weeping.

Was Jehoahaz a good king? No, 2 Kings 23:32 records that he was evil.

Was Jehoahaz an Egyptian? No, he was the son of Josiah. The king of Egypt conquered him.

How can an eight year old do evil? Most likely he was coached by evil counselors, just as some young kings were coached in to do right in the sight of the LORD.

Babylon was a bad place. Yes. Babylon was always associated with evil and ungodliness.

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