2 Chronicles 22-29 Questions and Answers

Q and A on 2 Chronicles 22-292 Chronicles 22-29 Questions and Answers

In 2 Chronicles 22 who did not get killed but was hidden away? The future king of Judah – Joash (he was a good king) was hid from his murdering grandmother Athaliah.

 Why did they kill Athaliah? She had murdered all of the royal seed except for her grandson Joash who was hidden from her. She was a murderess.

Who helped Joash when he was so young?  Jehoiada the priest was Joash’s helper and counselor according to 2 Kings 12:2.

Who broke the house of the LORD?  The kings that who did not worship the LORD both allowed the Temple to decay and some of them stripped the temple of its valuable gold and silver and sold it.

Is the city of David still around? Yes, the city of David is Jerusalem.

Uzziah was a good king. Yes, he was.  He was sixteen years old when he started to reign and the Bible says and he sought the LORD and God made him  to prosper see 2 Chronicles 26:5. 

It turned out that Uzziah was bad too. He was a good king that did a bad thing. He was lifted up with pride and thought that because he was king he could do the work of a priest in burning incense before the LORD. Only the priests were allowed to do that.

Was Jotham a good king? Yes, he was a very good king see 2 Chronicles 27: 2.

King Ahaz burnt children. Yes, he did. He worshiped false gods and part of that worship was the sacrificing of children. Even today heathen people kill their children. We call it abortion.

Hezekiah started out as a good king. Yes, Hezekiah was a very good king. However the end of his life was not so good. If he would have died when God was ready to take him, he would have never fathered Manasseh who was very evil.

What does the number 7 mean? Seven symbolizes God’s perfection.

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