1 Samuel Chapters 1-13 Questions and Answers

1 Samuel Chapters 1-13 Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers on 1 Samuel Chapters 1-13

The false god of the Philistines – Dagon, was a merman.

What did Hannah’s husband give to her? I really don’t know. Perhaps there was a feast and Elkanah gave Hannah a special portion to show to the others how much he loved her. This has happened at other times in Scriptures. Maybe he also gave her presents, like clothes or money.

What does Ichabod mean in 1 Samuel 4:21? Ichabod means “The glory of the LORD has departed”. The ark of God was captured.

 Who was Dagon in 1 Samuel 5:14? Dagon was a Philistine fish god. He was a merman – half fish and half human.

What are emerods? No one know for sure, but it was a painful skin problem, many Bible scholars think these are hemorrhoids.

Where the ark of God goes, then destruction comes about. Very interesting observation. The ark of God was where in the Old Testament God Himself dwelled with His people. It was the practice of heathen armies to take their gods with them into battel and the Israelites thought they would or should do the same. God was NOT pleased with this.  Dagon – a false god of the Philistines- fell on his face before the one true God. The ark of God was “out of place” with the Philistines and God Himself brought judgement on those heathen people, this time in the form of mice and emerods.

What are the golden emerods and golden mice? The Philistines made images, figures of gold of their emerods and gold figures of the mice. These were just gold representations of the plagues.

What is “milch” in 1 Samuel 6:7? “Milch” is a term for “milk” these were milk cows and specifically these were nursing young calves.

How do you pronounce “Bethshemesh”? Beth – like the name of a girl; she – opposite of “he” and mesh.

 How do you pronounce Kerjathjerarem? Ker – like “cur”; jath, rhymes with “path” but with a “j”; jea – like “jeer” and rem – short e.

Is your first 10% to give to God?  1 Samuel 8:15 and 17. Yes, this is an Old Testament principle, started in Genesis when Abraham gave to Melchizedek, King of Salem 10% of all that he got. This is where we got the present-day concept of the tithe. Samuel wanted them their king would take at least 10 5 of their goods as taxes and also take of their sons for his army.

I Samuel 9:9 What does it mean “beforetime”? Beforetime means “in time past” or before that particular time in history.

Who are children of Belial in 1 Samuel 10:27? This is a term for evil people. The term “Belial” has a connotation of worthlessness.

1 Samuel 11: 2 Why did Nahash the Ammonite want to put out the eyes of the people? The men of Jabesh were afraid of the Ammonites and so they wanted to surrender and not fight. Nahash wanted to destroy them rather than have them surrender to him.  They got back up from the King Saul and the other Israelites and destroyed the Ammonites.

1 Samuel 12:17 Did God send thunder and rain because the people asked for a king? Yes, God was confirming to the people that what Samuel told them, that it was wrong for them to ask for a king

1 Samuel 13:9 why was it wrong for Saul to offer a sacrifice to God? Saul was explicitly told by Samuel to wait. It was not the king’s place to intruded into the office and duties of the priest. Only the High priest could make sacrifices, not the king.

Finished with 1 Samuel 1-13? continue your study in 1 Samuel with chapters 14-20. Please leaven any questions or comments below.

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