1 Kings 1-7 Questions and Answers

1 Kings 1-7 Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers on 1 Kings 1-7Why Did Adonijah think that he should be king? Adonijah was older than Solomon. Solomon says in 1 Kings 2:22 “for he is mine elder brother.” He may have been the oldest surviving and capable son of David’s at this time. Some of David’s sons may have died young or if they had any physical handicap they could not be considered for this royal position. Joab helped him and David never made it clear to his sons that Solomon was to be the next king. Adonijah made the proclamation that he would be king and in 1 Kings 1:6, and David never corrected him.  Adonijah’s brother was Absalom who also wanted to be king. 1 Kings 1:6b “his mother bare him after Absalom” He may have gotten this idea from Absalom’s rebellion.

What is an hoar head? Hoar head: a head of an older person, distinguished by their grayish white hair; gray or gray-haired with age.

Did Solomon give Abishag to Adonijah for his wife? No Solomon had Adonijah killed. I don’t know what happened to the young widow Abishag. I don’t think that Adonijah wanted Abishag for his wife because he thought she was cute or sexy, he wanted the kingdom. If a man would take the wife or wives of the king, that was a way of saying they were king. That was why he wanted Abishag. Solomon knew this and knew that as long as Adonijah was alive, he would try to get the throne, so Solomon had him killed.

What was the tribute? It is what we call taxes today.

What is victuals? Victuals is food or food provisions. This is where we get the term “vittles”.

What is brasen bars? Brasen refers to “brass”. Brasen bars is bars usually of gates, that were covered in brass for extra strength.

What are the animals mentioned in 1 Kings 4:23? Harts – A hart deer. This is a species of red deer. Roe bucks – This is another species of venison. Roe deer are smaller than our common deer species. Fallow deer – This is a species of deer that is native to the Middle East – venison. Fatted Fowl – chickens, turkeys, guineas, peacocks, etc that were raised (well fed so they were fat) for meat. To summarize all of these animals as food: beef, venison, mutton, and poultry.

What is “hyssop” in 1 Kings 4:33? Hyssop is an herb in the mint family. It has cleansing, medicinal, and flavoring properties. What this reference to hyssop means is that this small plant can grow and thrive in the cracks of a wall.

Did Solomon build a mansion for Himself? Yes, Solomon did build a mansion for himself. It took him 13 years. It took him 7 years to build the temple of God.

Is Lebanon that is referred to in 1 Kings the same as today’s Lebanon? Yes, this is the same country. The present capitol of Lebanon is Beirut, but this city did not exist in Biblical times.

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