1 Chronicles 7 -15 Questions and Answers

1 Chronicles Chapters 7 -15 Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers on 1 Chronicles 7-15

Assortment of ancient brass cooking utensils. Text reads Questions and Answers on 1 Chronicles 7-15.

What are “porters in the gates”? These were gatekeepers.

What are “wards”? Wards-By turns or courses.

What are the “instruments of the sanctuary”? These were vessels, think of the jars of oil, etc.

In the sanctuary they had fine flour, wine and oil and frankincense and the spices. All of these ingredients were associated with different aspects of worship done in the tabernacle.

What did they mean “things that were made in pans”? This refers to Leviticus 2:5 and was reserved for special offerings to God that were baked.

What is shewbread every sabbath? Shewbread means ‘bread of the face’, i.e. bread set out before the face or presence of God. This was 12 loaves of unleavened bread sprinkled with frankincense and placed on a special table in the tabernacle. Every week the bread freshly baked and the priests ate it.

What does “waxed” mean? Waxed – To increase gradually in size, number, strength, or intensity.

What are “mighties”? These were very strong and smart warriors – sometimes called “mighty men”.

What is “lionlike”? – Strong and possibly fierce like a lion.

They had snow? Yes. Snow is Israel is common in the winter months especially in the higher elevations.

What is buckler? This is a small shield.

What is psalteries and timbrels? – These were some types of musical instruments. Psalteries were some sort of a stringed instrument and timbrels were like a tambourine.

Why did Michal despise King David? – Honestly I don’t know. Perhaps she was jealous of his military abilities and success. She was King Saul’s daughter and David was a better military leader and was more loved and got more praise from the common people than did her Dad.

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