1 Chronicles 16 – 29 Questions and Answers

1 Chronicles 16-29 Questions and Answers

What is a “good piece of flesh”? This was a generous portion of meat.Questions and Answers on 1 Chronicles 16-29

What is a sheepcote? A sheepcote is a shelter for sheep.

Is a garrison a fort? Yes, this is a military camp or base. The word “garrison” could also refer to the men who are camped there.

What is a scribe? A scribe is a person who copied documents. They were also record keeper.

Are the Syrians back then the same as they are today? Yes, I am sure that they did not change very much.

Why did Satan cause David to number Israel?God was angry with Israel see 2 Samuel 24:1. Satan was and is an accuser. God allowed Satan to tempt David to number Israel because God was going to use David’s sinful act to punish Israel. God had already promised that He would multiply Israel beyond the stars of the sky and the sand of the sea. There was no need to take a census. David,  most likely  being prideful, wanted an number of his military strength.

Why was abominable to Joab to count the people? Joab was smart enough to know that David was trusting in the strength of his military instead of trusting in God to take care of Israel. Joab knew that David was doing something very wrong. Joab did not number two of the largest tribes (Levi and Benjamin) possibly because he knew that what he was ordered to do was very wrong.

Why was God was displeased when David numbered the people? One Bible scholar said that in those days it was only right for a man to number only that which he owned. David did not own Israel, God did. This is similar for someone else to count YOUR money. David was counting God’s people acting like they were his people.

What is a seer? A seer was another name for a prophet, see 1 Samuel 9:9

What is a mason? A mason is a craftsman who works with stone or brick.

Why did God not want David to build His house? According to 1 Chronicles 22:8 it was because the David shed lots of blood  in the wars that he fought.

When you are finished with 1 Chronicles 16-29 Continue with 2 Chronicles 1-9. Please leave any comments or questions below.

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