1 Chronicles 1-6 Questions and Answers

Questions and answers on 1 Chronicles 1-61 Chronicles 1-6 Questions and Answers

Not all the kings are in Chapter 1 or Chapter 2?

The book of Chronicles starts with genealogies which have nothing to do with the kings of Judah.

1 Chronicles Chapter 1 summary:

The genealogy of Adam to Noah, verses 1-3. Of Noah to Abraham, verses 4-27.The sons of Abraham, Ishmael, and Isaac, verse 28. The sons of Ishmael, verses 29-31. The sons of Keturah, verses 32, 33. The sons of Esau, verses 34-42. A list of the kings of Edom,verses 43-50. A list of the dukes of Edom, verses 51-54. Verses 29-54 are only concerned with non-Israelite people including the descendants of Ishmael and Esau who were not Jews. These kings of Edom were not kings of Israel or Judah.

1 Chronicles Chapter 2 summary: The twelve sons of Jacob, verses 1, 2. The posterity of Judah down to David, verses 3-15. The posterity of the children of Jesse and Caleb, verses 16-55.

What do they mean that he defiled his father’s bed?

Jacob’s son Reuben, had an affair with one of Jacob’s wives– Bilhah. This is recorded in Genesis 35:22.

What happened to the other half tribe of Manasseh?

Historically, when the children of Israel went into the land of Canaan, only half of the tribe of Manasseh went into the Promised land, the other half did not cross the Jordan river. The half of the tribe of Manasseh that is referred to here in 1 Chronicles 5 is the tribe that went into the Promised Land and they settled in the northern part of Judah. The other half that did not cross the Jordan so not much is recorded about them because there did not do anything special. Eventually both halves of the tribes went into captivity.

In 1 Chronicles 6:31 what ark are they talking about? This was the ark of God that was in the tabernacle. This was God’s dwelling place with the children of Israel before the temple was built.

What were “valiant men of might”? Valiant – possessing or showing courage or determination. Might – great and impressive power or strength. These were courageous men of great physical strength.

What were “mighty men of valor”? Might – great and impressive power or strength. Valor – great courage in the face of danger, especially in battle. These were strong men who were courageous in battle or other dangers.

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